Friday, May 14, 2010

What Is The Best Hair Relaxer?

What is the the best hair relaxer you've used? My hair is like afro curly and I need one that makes your hair bone straight, so i can make it look emo. That's what I'm going for, but I cant find one that makes my hair perfectly straight.What Is The Best Hair Relaxer?
i would say the best perm u can get WITHOUT A SALON! IS AVLON AFFIRM MOISTURE PLUS CONDITIONING RELEXER KIT PRO IT WILL COME OUT BONE STRIGHT BUT I must say any perm can do it if you just let it sit in your hair for 20 mins but avlon will workWhat Is The Best Hair Relaxer?
You won't be able to buy something that will do that over the counter. You need to see a professional and have a japanese hair straightening done. Also known as thermal reconditioning or Yuko system straightening. It's very expensive but it is the only thing that will get your hair dead straight and keep it that way until it grows out.
give ur hair weekly massage With luke warm coconut oil for 15 minutes.this will make ur hair soft smooth and also relax them.

after shampooing(every time) condition ur hair.take enough conditioner and apply generously to your hair and keep for two minutes then wash it out properly.

other thing u can do is apply honey to ur hair for 15 minutes before washing hair this helps in softening.
mizani is one of the strongest perms out there...

pink is really good, and olive oil is good too.... i've heard good things about creme of nature as well.

and maybe the problem isn't the perm, maybe its how ur applying it. make sure ur smoothing down ur hair after applying it to ur whole head. U must smooth ur hair straight, or else it won't get straight..

smoothing varies from person to persons. I've had ppl rake a wide tooth comb thru my hair (like a rat tail), some use brushes, it depends. DON'T scratch thru to the scalp, or else u will irritate it and risk burns.

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